Here is a sampling of rotating flavors. If you are a catering client you can chose three for your event. Not all flavors are available all the time, depending on the season.

casper - classic sugar icing  "white icing" *
old skool - dark chocolate frosting*
summer blues - fresh blueberries, lemon juice and zest*
peppy pappy - chocolate frosting, mint and salty pretzel bits
red sangria - cabernet, mandarin orange, lemon and lime
pina colada - crushed pineapple and coconut bits
cappuccino - dark roast coffee and coconut creamer*
cinnamon & sugar - organic cane sugar and cinnamon
grapefruit buttercream - tart and silky
bumble bee - lemonade icing with dark chocolate stripes
key lime pie - tart key lime icing, crushed graham crackers*
tree bark - toffee icing, saltine crackers, dark chocolate drizzle
boozy buttercream - rum and cinnamon
B.B. King - fresh blueberry icing
razzle dazzle - fresh raspberry icing
nutty rooster - creamy PB & spicy Sriracha chile paste (has been featured on the 
green dragon - green curry and coconut spicy
margarita - fresh lime, tequila, rock salt
starla - strawberry and jalapeno spicy
minty mojito - fresh lime, mint
strawberry cheesecake - with graham cracker bits
the Italian - fresh lemon juice and chopped basil 
salty spud - chocolate frosting with crushed potato chips*
frenchie - organic maple syrup, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger
sweet tart - tamarind
salted caramel - dairy free
gingerbread - local ginger and organic molasses
champagne julep - champagne and fresh mint
apple jax - granny smith and cinnamon
cookie mintster - chocolate frosting, crushed chocolate mint cookies
pink panther - champagne and fresh raspberries*

* = most popular for catering/weddings


  1. I am coming to Charleston on Saturday, December 15th. I am finding your donut truck if my life depends on it -- but one dying wish first -- IS THERE ANY POSSIBLE WAY THAT YOU CAN MAKE THE PEANUT BUTTER SRIRACHA donut available?! The thought of peanut butter + donut + sriracha sauce takes my breath away. I will be forever grateful.

    1. We actually are not out to the public Saturday. Sunday from 11-3 we will be at Medway Park on James Island.

  2. we are coming to your truck next weekend. Where can I find pricing on a dozen/ variety? My in-laws are coming in and I thought that this would be a fun neat treat for them.And are they as good the next day/ two days?